Dienstag, 1. November 2016

Assignment #0

Okay, I just discovered the first problem with this Blog, there's no way to make a photo gallery. That's a bummer. So until I find a solution for this problem, here are some shots of my hairy comrade, one of the "persons" I love most. Frankly, I have much better photos of him but didn't want to post any old ones, all of these I've taken just for this post. I might add some more later (not 20 yet) or take a few shots of something else that comes to my mind (coffee?) to avoid too much boredom. 

Test Post - Almost Ready! (?)

Hooray, I'm reviving my old Blogger account! This is just a fun project and photo diary I do (for now) specifically for Ted Forbes' The Art of Photography, one of my favourite youtube channels. And for myself of course. His project is called "Photo Assignments", each month there'll be a new assignment (or let's call it "lesson") and why not fight the winter blues with something fun to do, huh?

The TL;DW - 1.) make sure you have some kind of camera (I guess), 2.) get a notebook (those oldschool paper ones), 3.) Make prints! 4.) take about 20 photos of someone or something you love. 

1.) is easy, everyone has a smartphone and I have way too many cameras too, mostly vintage. Will start with digital though. 2.) I'm using an old photo album I found in a drawer, I think I bought that one in 1994 and never used it... until now! 3.) Making prints? I usually do anyway, although mostly of my 5 star pictures and printed way too large for a notebook. I'm gonna do 4x6 (10x15) prints for this project, but need to buy ink for my printer first... 4.) is hard, because "someone you love" might not want to see their photos published on the web, or might not be available for a photoshoot in case you're single, or might not like their photos etc. etc. "Something" can become geeky and nerdy fast, I can imagine people taking pics of their favourite camera, or I was tempted for a moment to take pics of my guitar... okay, so the 2nd most boring solution is probably what I will do, take pictures of my beloved hairy roommate who cannot complain. He's my favourite and most photographed model anyway, and I'm pretty sure there's a huge lack of cat pictures on the internet. 

End of test post, let's see where this goes.